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  • 96-Well Low Elution PCR Magnet
    96- Well Low Volume PCR

    96-Well Ring PCR Magnet Low Elution Plate

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    The Permagen ring magnet low elution plate was designed for use in automation applications where volumes as low as 5 µL are required. Most PCR plates are bent, leading to inconsistent lab results. Unlike most products, we have added an angled frame around the top of our plate, this helps with two things, straightening out the PCR plate, and leading it to the proper location on the magnets during automation

  • 96-Well Ring Magnetic Plate Separator
    96- Well Magnet Plates

    96-Well Ring Magnet Plate

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    Preferred by most scientists, the ring magnet plate is a versatile product that can be used manually or in automated liquid handlers when separating beads into rings is essential. Available in three magnet strengths to accommodate a wide range of protocol’s

  • 96- Well Magnet Plates

    96-Well Ring Magnet Plate with Integrated Cushion Base

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    The Permagen 96-well ring magnet plate was designed for use in manual and automation applications. Available in two magnet strengths for a wide range of protocols and includes integrated cushion base for use in automation accommodating for labware inconsistencies.

  • 96- Well Magnet Plates

    96S Super Magnet Plate 96-Well

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    The Permagen 96S Super Magnet SPRIplate was designed for manual and automation applications. Comes fitted with spring cushion technology to help aid in automation processes. Direct replacement for the A32782 from Beckman® (currently $1151.00), a 49% savings in cost. Need more info? Call to speak with us today

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    96- Well Magnet Plates

    96-Well Ring Magnet Plate T480

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    Ideal magnet plate for those wishing to replace Beckman® PN: A32782. at a 57% cost savings compared to $1131.00. Features all the same dimensions and even the same magnets. Does not include the spring base but it is the same height. Perfect for those using robots that do not require spring cushion. For the exact replacement see our SKU: A092722 plate

  • 96-Well Universal Magnet Plate
    96- Well Magnet Plates

    96-Well Universal Ring Magnet Plate

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    From PCR plates to almost any microplate, the U-series plate is one of Permagen’s most universal ring magnet plates.  Available in three magnet strengths depending on your assay or protocol from 350 µL – 2 mL formats. ANSI/ SBS Footprint (127.75mm x 85.50mm) to fit into any automated liquid handling robot 

  • 384-Well Magnet Plates

    X396 Low Volume 384-well/ 96-Well Low Elution Magnet Plate

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    Ideal magnet for all of your low volume needs. From Low elution 96-well PCR applications to 384-well, the X396 has  you covered. No need to purchase two separate plates anymore. 96-well volumes as low as 4 µL are achieved from 96-well, PCR plates on the inside of the magnet, while the outside of each magnet will pull beads to well sides in 384-well plates.

  • 96- Well Magnet Plates

    X96 Dual Ring Magnet Plate 96-Well

    $145.00$1,145.00 Select options

    Permagen’s most universal ring magnet plate. From Low elution PCR applications up to 2 mL deep well, the X96 has you covered. No need to purchase two or more separate plates anymore. Smaller inner ring magnet allows for volumes as low as 5 µL, larger outer magnet handles up to 2 mL deep well 

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