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96-Well Universal Ring Magnet Plate


SKU: U380 – Up To 350 µL volume Buy 2-9 for $544.50 ea. – Buy 10 or more for $514.25 ea.

SKU: U480 – Up To 1000 µL volume Buy 2-9 for $618.75 ea. – Buy 10 or more for $584.38 ea.

SKU: U500 – Up To 2000 µL volume Buy 2-9 for $673.20 ea. – Buy 10 or more for $635.80 ea.

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96-Well Universal Ring Magnet Plate 

The Permagen 96-well universal ring magnet plate is our most universal ring magnet plate and was designed for use in manual and automation applications. The magnets with form beads into approximately a 4mm ring leaving a clean area at the bottom of the wells.  If you use flat bottom microplates we recommend this magnet plate which will keep the microplate in place. Available in three volume sizes (choose volume above cart button)

  • Compatible with nearly all microplates, skirted microplates, and PCR Plates.
  • Available in U380 ( up to 350 µL volumes), U480 ( up to 1 mL volumes), ( up to 2 mL volumes)
  • Extend base height to accommodate liquid handling platforms utilizing deeper nests
  • Side cuts allowing user friendly handling
  • SBS compliant footprint top and bottom (fits most plates on top and most liquid handlers on the bottom)
  • Contains our strongest magnets for larger volume separations or faster small separations
  • Maximum working volume: U500 = 2ml / U480 = 1 mL / U380 = 350 µL
  • Solid aluminum design for consistent results
  • Made in the USA 

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SKU: U500, U480, U380

Performing Separation
Separating Beads into rings leaving about a 4mm clean area at the bottom of the wells
Separation Complete
Works with up to 2 mL deep well plates as well
Closer Look
A closer look at the rings formed at the bottom of the wells. Clean, crisp rings on the inside equals less sample loss
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Compatible with almost any 96-well microplates
Super strong magnets for fast separations
PCR volumes 50- 200µL
Deep well max volumes 2mL
SBS footprint to fit most liquid handlers on bottom
Extend base for deep liquid handlers


Size, overall = 134.15 x 91.9 x 35 mm tall
Base size = 127.75 x 85.50 x 21 mm tall (SBS/ ANSI to fit into liquid handler)
Inside top = 128.1 x 85.8 mm (SBS / ANSI to accept microplate)
Weight = 700g
Magnets = 50 MGO NdFeB (U500), 48 MGO (U480), 38 MGO (U380)
Country of origin = USA
For Research Use Only

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