Permagen Labware

Permagen Labware is a supplier of innovative labware solutions for Life Sciences

Specializing in Magnetic Bead Separation devices for the isolation of DNA/ RNA, Permagen focuses on supplying products designed and manufactured with performance, durability, and consistent results in mind. We carry an extensive product line for both automation and manual applications. 

Magnet Plates For Any Application

Permagen offers an extensive line of magnet plates for 96-Well, 384-Well, and 24-Well Microplates all with standard SBS footprint to fit any liquid handler

Separation Racks For Multiple Tube Types

Magnetic separation stands for 0.2 mL PCR strips, 1.5 mL Microcentrifuge tubes, and 15 mL / 50 mL Centrifuge Tubes for any magnetic beads

Chiller Blocks And Combination Racks

Temperature control devices for 0.2 mL PCR strips, and 1.5 mL Microcentrifuge tubes. Also available in combination chiller/ magnetic separator


Our customers are the most important part of our business, we strive every day to make your experience with Permagen a pleasant one.


Permagen constantly receives customer feedback stating how much their efficiency went up since switching to our products. Sometimes double


One of our main focuses is quality, with that comes our commitment to our customers with industry leading guarantees against manufacturers defects


Permagen realizes you need answers, quotes, etc. fast. If you didn't hear back from us the same day, chances are your message didn't reach us


Permagen understands the need to receive your products in a timely manner. It would be a rare instance if we don't have an item in stock. Products normally ship same day as ordered

Coming Soon...

96-Well Chiller Block For PCR Plates And 0.2 mL PCR Strips

Now Available...

96-Well Super Magnet Spring Plate OEM Repacement
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Magnet Plates with Integrated Cushion Base plate to help with labware and robot inconsistencies 

As you can see in the video above, these plates have 1mm of “Z” travel (or cushion). Available in 96-well ring magnet, 96-well bar magnet, and 384-well low elution formats

A brief message to our customers about our inventory

With all of the talk of global supply chains and the shortages of products, we wanted to let you know that all Permagen products are manufactured in our own facility and the shortages have not affected us. All products remain in stock unless otherwise stated at our online store. Products can be ordered via. our secure online store, placing a purchase order by email, or over the phone

The Permagen Team

Products can be ordered and shipped worldwide using any of these methods. 



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