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Permagen specializes in magnetic separation devices designed and manufactured to the highest standards, resulting in consistent results and rapid bead separations


Innovative Magnet Plates

Magnetic separation plates for a wide range of applications. Permagen carries a large selection of 96-Well magnets for volumes as low as 4µL to deep well separations of 2 mL and everything in between, 384-well plates for high throughput, and 24-well format magnet plates. We carry plates with or without cushion bases, and all plates are robot friendly with an SBS/SLAS footprint

High Performance Separation Racks

Permagen offers a large selection of magnetic racks for Centrifuge tubes (5 mL, 15 mL, 50 mL), Micro-centrifuge Tubes, and 0.2 mL Tubes and Strips

Temperature Control

Keep your samples at a controlled temperature with Permagen’s solid aluminum temperature control blocks for 96-Well PCR plates, 0.2 mL PCR tubes and strips, Microcentrifuge tubes, and screw Cap Vials in several different formats. All automation friendly with a standard SBS/SLAS footprint 

Magnet Plates with Integrated Cushion Base plate to help with labware and robot inconsistencies for precise pipetting and maximum recovery. Allows tips to contact well bottoms without damage to tips or instrument. 

As seen in the video, these plates have 1mm of “Z” travel (or cushion). Available in 96-well ring magnet, 96-well bar magnet, and 384-well low elution formats

A HUGE thank you to all who stopped by to speak with us during SLAS 2024 in Boston!

It was our pleasure to show you that it is possible to save on cost without losing performance here at Permagen! Give us a call or email, we are more than happy to put our Magnet plates up against any of our competitors so you can see for yourself

Now Available

We have added a cushion base to our Low Elution PCR ring magnet plate for more forgiveness when working in low volumes on a liquid handler. An automation must have…

96-Well Ring Magnet Plate

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