Permagen Labware

Premium Liquid Handling Products

Permagen’s Product’s are manufactured to a higher standard, for more consistent results

Lab Friendly – All Magnet Plates have a standard SBS/ ANSI footprint to fit into Liquid Handlers

Designed for results. We engineer our products for maximum performance using only strong NdFeB magnets for precise separations

X96 Dual Ring Multi-Plate 96-Well

■ Save valuable deck space by merging two magnet plates
■ Up to 40% faster bead separations
■ Compatible with nearly all microplates including deep well, standard, and PCR plates
■ Low Elution, deep well, and everything in between all in one plate, no need for several plates anymore
■ Up to 2 mL working volumes
■ Low Elution inner magnets for 5µL – 50µL 
■ ANSI/ SBS compliant footprint top and bottom (fits most plates on top and most liquid handlers on the bottom
■ Integrated cushion base to help aid in robot, and labware inconsistencies  
X96 Multi-Plate
Separate your lab, and your beads from the rest. Combining our strongest magnets as the outer ring, with our lowest volume magnets as the inner ring for nearly all microplates and volumes
The Technology
Dual ring magnets that allow for low elution assays down to 5 µL from PCR plates, while outer ring magnets handle up to 2 mL from most microplates
Compatible with almost any microplate including Full-, Semi-, and Un-skirted PCR plates. Deep well and standard plates with Flat-, Round-, and V- Bottoms
Kit Available For PCR Tubes
Available as a kit, allowing the use of 0.2 mL PCR Tubes and strips
The X396 Combo 384-, and 96-Well Magnet
Yes, you read that correctly, this plate is compatible with BOTH 384-well, and 96-well. This plate is the answer to all of your low volume separation needs.
384 and 96-well
Compatible with Full-, Semi-, and un-skirted 96-well PCR plates as well as 384-well plates.
96-Well Low Elution
PCR plates will be located on top of the magnets, separating beads into rings
384-Well Plates
384-well plates sit around the magnet as shown. Beads will be pulled to the side of each tube
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X396 Low Volume 384-, and 96-well Magnet Plate

■ Ideal for Liquid Handlers with limited deck space by merging two magnet plates into one
■ Uses the same magnets as our low elution plate (RLE500), making integration a snap
■ Compatible with Full-, Semi-, and Non-Skirted 96-well PCR plates for low volumes
■ 384-well separations from PCR and standard plates on the outside of magnets 
■ ANSI/ SBS compliant footprint for automation
■ Integrated cushion base to help aid in labware inconsistencies for precise pipetting   
Permagen is excited to announce that we are expanding into our new location at Boston North Technology Park. 

Permagen Labware

110 Haverhill Road, Suite 320
Amesbury, MA 01913

Permagen is committed to supplying the highest quality liquid handling products available 

Give us a call or email today to find out what makes Permagen different.



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