Permagen Labware

24- Well Ring Magnet Plate

All Magnet Plates have SBS/ SLAS Footprint (127.75mm x 85.50mm) to fit into any automated liquid handling robot

24-Well Ring Magnet Plate

Permagen’s 24-Well magnetic separation plate was designed specifically for large volumes either manually or on a robotic platform. Dual ring magnet feature provide a ring of beads leaving the well bottoms clean for easy removal

SBS SLAS Footprint (127.75mm x 85.50mm) to fit into any automated liquid handling robot 

Features include solid aluminum alloy construction and hard coat anodized finish for years of trouble-free use, and compatible with any magnetic beads



  • SBS/ SLAS footprint
  • Solid Aluminum alloy design
  • Precision manufactured for more consistent results
  • Fast magnetic bead separations
  • Large scale separations  
  • Made in USA 
  • For Research use only
  • Tested with GE Whatman™ UNIPLATE® 24-Well 10mL Round bottom
  • May work with other standard 2-4well microplates
  • Any magnetic beads

Products can be ordered and shipped worldwide using any of these methods. 



2019 collection

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