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Reagent Trough Birdfeeder Cartridge and Bottle


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Permagen Reagent Trough Birdfeeder Kit with Bottle

The Permagen Reagent Trough Birdfeeder Cartridge and Bottle is a device to deliver 1 liter of reagent on the Biomek FX and NX Laboratory Automation Workstations. The unit fits on any standard ALP stand as well


  • Extended version or Standard available, extended designed to be refilled outside liquid handler, modification to machine may be necessary 
  • Self-leveling fluid line assures the trough will have adequate volume 
  • Hooks onto a Beckman® ALP stand or deck
  • ANSI/ SBS compliant footprint   
  • Will stand up on bench to refill etc.
  • Available in white or black trough
  • Made in the USA
  • Pull down menu to choose product. Available in Extended version (black or white), standard version in white, or valve only 

Please contact us for volume discounts, OEM opportunities, or private labeling.    

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Standard Length White, Extended Length White, Extended Length Black, Replacement Valve



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