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96-Well Ring Magnet Plate


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Preferred by most scientists, the ring magnet plate is a versatile product that can be used manually or in automated liquid handlers when separating beads into rings is essential. Available in three magnet strengths to accommodate a wide range of protocol’s

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96-Well Super Magnet Plate Ring 2 mL

96-Well Ring Magnet Plate

One of our most popular ring magnet plates. Great all-around magnet which will meet or exceed most protocols.

For faster separations you can upgrade the strength of magnets as this plate comes in three variations to best suit your needs


Easy Integration

Simple plug-and-play for many common protocol's

Fast Separations

Strong NdFeB Ring Magnets ensure fast, precise separations

Three Strengths

Three different magnet strengths to choose from making it simple to match your current protocol

Robot Friendly

SBS/ ANSI footprint to fit into all liquid handling robots

96-Well Ring Magnet Plate

The extras come standard!

  • Compatible with standard round or pyramid bottom microplates, deep well, and PCR Plates.
  • Fast bead separations using strong NdFeB magnets
  • Up to 2 mL working volumes
  • Side cuts allowing liquid handling robot gripper 
  • ANSI/ SBS compliant footprint to fit into all liquid handlers
  • Made in the USA 


This magnet was designed to be compatible with common microplates, all liquid handler robots, and any magnetic beads


Yes, this plate has a standard SBS/ ANSI compliant footprint to fit into any platforms

Yes, all Permagen products are available to be private labeled with your company logo/ part numbers for resale 

Products can be purchased at our online shop,  via. purchase order, over the phone, or by requesting a quote

The S500 has stronger magnets suitable for up to 2 mL. You can also use the stronger magnet for faster separations from smaller volumes

The S-Series magnets will replace a lot of products found at other vendors. Please call or email for full information and help deciding what plate best fits your application

This plate accepts PCR plates (Full-, Semi-, and Non-Skirted) and most round or pyramid bottom microplates. Not recommended for Flat-bottom plates

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ProductDescription Cat No.
96-Well Ring S38096-Well Ring Magnet Plate Up To 350 µL VolumesS380
96-Well Ring S48096-Well Ring Magnet Plate Up To 2 mL VolumesS480
96-Well Ring S50096-Well Ring Magnet Plate Up To 2 mL Volumes with up to 40% faster separation timesS500

Products can be ordered and shipped worldwide using any of these methods. 


Compatible with most 96-well microplates
Super strong magnets for fast separations
PCR volumes 50- 200µL
Deep well max volumes 2mL
SBS footprint to fit most liquid handlers


Size = 127.75mm x 85.47mm x 14mm
Weight = S480 518g
Magnets = 38-50 MGO NdFeB depending on model
Country of origin = USA
For Research Use Only


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