0.2 mL PCR 8 Strip Magnetic Separator 5 µL ~ 0.2 mL Volume


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0.2 mL PCR 8 Strip Magnetic Separator 5 µL ~ 0.2 mL Volume


The Permagen 0.2 mL PCR strip magnetic rack was designed specifically for maximum performance from PCR strips. One side is for 50 µL – 0.2 mL volumes, while the reverse side can be used for volumes as low as 5 µL. Many racks that claim to work in low volumes clearly pull the beads out of the fluid, this will result in substantial loss in yield. When used correctly, you can see the Permagen MSRLV08 keeps the bead pellet suspended in the fluid 

  • Will accommodate most 0.2 mL PCR strips with or without caps
  • Unlike most low volume racks, the beads will not be pulled out of the fluid saving valuable product
  • Can also be used with Individual 0.2 mL PCR tubes without performance loss
  • Compatible with most 8 tube PCR 0.2 ml strips
  • Angled tube holes allow strips to come close to magnets
  • Each tube has its own individual strong neodymium magnet
  • Solid aluminum design for durability
  •  Made in the USA

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5 µL ~ 50 µL Side Of Rack

50 µL ~ 0.2 mL Side Of Rack

Separations above were performed with AMPure XP magnetic beads

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Compatible with any magnetic beads
Super strong magnets for fast, precise separations
Ideal for NGS
Process up to 16 samples from PCR strips or individual tubes
Multichannel pipetting compatible
Rubber feet to reduce slipping


Size: 108mm Long x 34.8mm Tall x 37.6mm
Weight: 130g
Magnets: 50 MGO NdFeB
Country of origin: USA
For Research Use Only


DNA/RNA purification
PCR cleanup
ChIP assays