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SBS/ SLAS Adapter for 15 ml / 50 ml Centrifuge Racks



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SBS/ SLAS Adapter for 15 mL / 50 mL Centrifuge Racks

The Permagen SBS/ SLAS Adapter for 15 mL / 50 mL Centrifuge Racks is designed for those who have always wanted to convert their Centrifuge racks into a SLAS/ SBS footprint for use in liquid handling robots.

  •  Will hold any of our 6 tube configuration Centrifuge Tube racks including SKU: MSR6X15, SKU: MSR6X50, and SKU: MSR1550
  •  Will hold one unit and keep it from shifting around
  •  Simple drop in design for ease of use
  •  Minimal height loss in robot 
  •  Solid aluminum design for durability
  •  Made in the USA

Volume discounts available, please call or email to request a quote


SBS/ SLAS Footprint
127.75 X 85.50 footprint to fit into any liquid handling robot
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Converts Any Of Our Larger Centrifuge Tube Racks
If you need to automate our MSR6X15, MSR6X50, or MSR1550 this adapter is what you need
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Size= 127.75mm long x 85.47mm wide x 10.6mm tall
Weight= 93g
Magnets= NA
Country of origin= USA
For Research Use Only


Liquid handling robots
6×50 mL rack
6×15 mL rack
3x 15mL/ 50 mL Rack



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