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384-Well Post Magnet Plate P384


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384-Well Post Magnet Plate P384

The Permagen 384-well post magnet plate was designed for use in manual and automation applications for high throughput.

  • Compatible with most 384-Well microplates
  • Will fit into any standard liquid handler robot
  • Works with any magnetic bead compositions
  • Meets current protocol and height requirements for automated settings
  • Solid Aluminum Design for consistent results
  • SBS/ ANSI compliant footprint for automation
  • Maximum working volume: 39µl
  • If you need to work in lower volumes, our MSP384LE might be a better fit for your application
  • Made in the USA

If you are interested in OEM opportunities, please feel free to contact us

384- Well Magnet
Compatible with most 384-well high throughput microplates
Separated magnetic beads
Beads are pulled to one side of each well
Fast Separations
Strong neodymium magnets quickly separate magnetic beads
Beads Are Pulled To Well Sides
Magnetic bead pellet forms high up on the wells for easy pipetting
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Compatible with most 384-well pcr microplates
strong magnets for fast separations
volumes up to 39 µL
SBS footprint to fit most liquid handlers


Size = 127.75mm x 85.47mm x 14mm
Weight = 427g
Magnets = 38 MGO NdFeB
Country of origin = USA
For Research Use Only



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