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384-Well Post Magnet Plate P384


The Permagen 384-well post magnet plate was designed for use in manual or automation applications for high throughput PCR.  Magnetic beads are pulled high up onto well wall to help eliminate accidental bead pellet disruption 

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384-Well Post Magnet Plate

The Permagen 384-well post magnet plate was designed for use in manual or automation high throughput PCR applications 


Easy Pipetting

Beads are pelleted higher up on well walls reducing the risk of accidental bead aspiration

Fast Separations

Strong NdFeB Post Magnets ensure fast, precise separations

Protocol Ready

Simple plug-and-play for many common 384-well protocol's

Robot Friendly

SBS/ ANSI footprint to fit into all liquid handling robots

384-Well Post Magnet Plate For High Throughput

Unique Magnet Design

  • Unique magnet structure allows for 384-Well  applications
  • Fast bead separations using strong NdFeB magnets
  • Compatible with standard 384- well PCR Plates
  • Side cuts allowing liquid handling robot gripper 
  • ANSI/ SBS compliant footprint to fit into all liquid handlers
  • Integrated cushion base to help compensate for robot and labware inconsistences 
  • Made in the USA 


This magnet was designed to be compatible with common microplates, all liquid handler robots, and any magnetic beads


Aluminum is much easier to make precision products out of then plastic. It stays flat and wont warp. This leads to more consistent results

For a 384-Well PCR plate, the beabs will be pulled to the side of each well.

This plate accepts 384-Well PCR plates


Yes, this plate has a standard SBS/ ANSI compliant footprint to fit into any platforms, the only limitations would be the height on smaller units

Yes, all Permagen products are available to be private labeled with your company logo/ part numbers for resale 

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Compatible with most 384-well pcr microplates
strong magnets for fast separations
volumes up to 39 µL
SBS footprint to fit most liquid handlers


Size = 127.75mm x 85.47mm x 14mm
Weight = 427g
Magnets = 38 MGO NdFeB
Country of origin = USA
For Research Use Only

384-Well Post Magnet Plate Separator384-Well Post Magnet Plate P384

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