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Integrated Cushion Base Technology is an added benefit to select Permagen magnetic separation plates. As the video above demonstrates, there is an added element of “cushion” built into the product. 

Commonly referred to as “spring cushion”, a plate is added to the base which has a cushion source which will compensate for labware inconsistencies and variables.  

So why does Permagen not call their cushion products “spring plates”? We believe there is always room for improvement or innovation, that’s why we use opposing magnets instead of springs to create our cushion effect. In theory, a spring loses some of its resistance each time it is compressed, they can also corrode when exposed to lab hazards.  

Integrated Cushion Base Technology

What is integrated cushion technology and why might I need it?

Benefits of Cushion Plates

There’s a number of benefits to having the added security of a cushion base on your magnet plates when it comes to automation.  If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Damage To Pipette Tips

One millimeter of travel in the Z direction will allow pipette tips to come into contact with well bottoms, significantly reducing the chance of damage to tips

Low Volumes

The closer you can get to the well bottoms, the lower the volume that can be worked with. A cushion base allows you to touch the well bottom allowing for lower volumes

Damage To Instruments

Automated liquid handlers are invaluable to your lab, help reduce the risk of damage with a cushion base that will allow tips/ heads to come into contact with microplates

Setup/ Labware Definitions

Being able to safely contact well bottoms of a microplate with tips makes setup or writing machine definitions a snap

Precise Pipetting

A cushion base can help compensate for labware and robot inconsistencies allowing for more precise pipetting and better recovery overall

Plasticware Inconsistencies

Plasticware is well... plastic. Although molded plastic these days is more consistent and stable, it can still have inconstancies. Help compensate for these imperfections with a cushion base plate from Permagen

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