Permagen Labware

96-Well, 0.2 mL PCR Tube Chiller Block

Permagen’s 0.2 mL PCR Tube thermal block allows the use of 0.2 mL PCR tubes, strips, and 96-well PCR plates for keeping sample temperatures consistent. Can be used for heating as well



Held to higher standards and made from solid aluminum for consistent, trouble-free use

Heat or Chill

Used for thermal control of any temperature samples

Unique Design

Holds 0.2 mL Strips and Individual tubes, yet will still accommodate 96-well PCW plates as well

Robot Friendly

SBS/ ANSI footprint for use in liquid handling robots. Alphanumerically labeled for easy tube traceability

96-Well PCR Plates 0.2 mL PCR Tubes

At Permagen the extras come standard!

  • Compatible with common consumables
  • SBS Footprint for use in Liquid Handler Robots 
  • Rapid temperature control using solid aluminum
  • Hard anodized coating to resist corrosion etc.
  • Alphanumerically numbered for tube traceability
  • Made in the USA 


This product has an industry standard SBS/ANSI footprint, as long as you don’t have a height restriction it should fit your robot

Yes, the caps shouldn’t be in you way at all

Yes, all of our thermal blocks are solid aluminum with a hard coat anodized finish to resist corrosion etc.

Yes, we carry a Combo Block for Microfuge Tubes/ 0.2 mL PCR mL chiller, and a 24-Well chiller block

Yes, all Permagen products are available to be private labeled with your company logo/ part numbers for resale 

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