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96-Well PCR Low Elution Bar Magnet Plate Side Pull


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Coming Soon! Ideal magnet for Low elution 96-well PCR applications where volumes as low as 4 µL are required.  Strong NdFeB bar magnets are located on the same sides of the wells, making hand pipetting a breeze. Also ideal for liquid handlers with integrated cushion base. Pulling beads to the well sides is also less susceptible to accidental bead aspiration 

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Compatible with almost any 96-well PCR Plate
384-Well PCR Plates
Super strong magnets for fast separations
Volumes as low as 5 µL
SBS/ ANSI footprint to fit most liquid handlers
Extend base for deep liquid handlers


Size, overall = 134.00 x 91.85 x 26.16 mm tall
Base size = 127.75 x 85.50 x 21 mm tall (SBS/ ANSI to fit into liquid handler)
Inside top = 128.1 x 85.8 mm (SBS / ANSI to accept microplate)
Weight = 737g
Magnets = 50 MGO
Country of origin = USA
For Research Use Only


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