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96-Well PCR Bar Magnet Plate

The Permagen 96-Well Side Pull Bar Magnet PCR Separation Plate was designed for use in manual or automation applications where pulling beads to one side of the wells is essential.  

Most PCR plates are bent, leading to inconsistent lab results. Unlike most products, we have added two angled, partial frames around the top of our plate, this helps with two things, straightening out the PCR plate, and leading it to the proper location on the magnets when using an automated liquid handling robot.


Consistent Results

Our products are held to a higher standard when compared to most magnets on the market

Fast Separations

Strong NdFeB Bar Magnets ensure fast, precise separations

Integrated Cushion

Cushion base compensates lor labware and consumable inconsistencies

Robot Friendly

SBS/ ANSI footprint to fit into all liquid handling robots

Unique design

  • Unique plate structure allows the use of all PCR plates without bead loss due to plate shifting in automation
  • Fast bead separations using strong NdFeB magnets
  • Compatible with standard 96- well PCR Plates and tubes (with kit)
  • Side cuts allowing liquid handling robot gripper 
  • ANSI/ SBS compliant footprint to fit into all liquid handlers
  • Integrated cushion base to help compensate for robot and labware inconsistences 
  • Made in the USA 


This magnet was designed to be compatible with common PCR microplates, all liquid handler robots, and any magnetic beads

Kit Shown Above (SKU: MSP750RKT)

Customer Testimonials

Our recovery was amazing with this magnet. Very easy to multi-channel pipette without accidental bead capture
Jeffery l.
Project Manager

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Aluminum is much easier to make precision products out of then plastic. It stays flat and wont warp. This leads to more consistent results

The magnetic beads will be pulled to the side of each well allowing easy removal by hand or liquid handler

This plate accepts PCR plates (Full-, Semi-, and Non-Skirted). With the kit  0.2 mL strips and tubes may be used

Yes, this plate has a standard SBS/ ANSI compliant footprint to fit into any platforms

Yes, all Permagen products are available to be private labeled with your company logo/ part numbers for resale 

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ProductDescription Cat No.
MSP750R96-Well PCR Bar Magnet Plate with Integrated Cushion BaseMSP750R
MSP750RKT96-Well PCR Bar Magnet Plate with Integrated Cushion Base and PCR Tube KitMSP750RKT

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