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Most frequent questions and answers

We do stock all of our products. If you need large volumes please request a quote and we can determine how long delivery will be

From customer feedback we understand your frustration. You’ve purchased several products from other vendors and they just don’t seem to work all that well.  Permagen will be more than happy to let you demo a product, simply let us now what product you would like to try out  

We use only NdFeB iron boron super magnets.

Absolutely, you can submit purchase orders. You can also buy from a distributor if you are having trouble getting an account set up. 

We sure do. If you are not happy with your purchase simply return it within 30 days. Warranty against manufacturers defects is an industry leading two years. We will fix of replace your product. Please see our warranty page for full details here.

All of our magnet plates were designed with automation in mind with a standard SBS/SLAS footprint (127.75 MM X 85.50 MM) and should fit nearly all platforms. All plates also have side relief for robotic grippers as well.

10% Off

Any Two Products

Receive a 10% Discount when you purchase any two or more products. They do not have to be the same. Order Via. online shop, Purchase order, quote, or over the phone.