X96 Dual Ring Magnet Plate 96-Well

Our most flexible magnet plate. The dual ring magnet technology allows low elution from PCR plates with the use of the inner magnets, while the outer magnets can handle your larger volumes.  Includes integrated cushion base to help eliminate robot, and labware inconsistencies allowing for precise pipetting and maximum recovery

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Unique magnet structure allows for low elution separations from one magnet and large scale (up to 2 mL) from the other

Consistent Results

Solid aluminum design, held to higher standards for years of trouble free, repeatable results

Robot Friendly

SBS/ ANSI compliant to fit all liquid handlers. Kit available for automating 0.2 mL PCR tubes as well

Fast Separations

Up to 40% faster separations are achieved with super strong NdFeB ring magnets


The extras come standard!

  • Compatible with nearly all microplates, deep well, skirted microplates, and PCR Plates.
  • Available as a kit for 0.2 mL PCR Tubes (SKU: A011623KT)
  • Up to 40% faster bead separations
  • Saves deck space combining multiple plates into one 
  • Up to 2 mL working volumes
  • Low Elution inner magnets for 5µL – 50µL 
  • Side cuts allowing liquid handling robot gripper 
  • ANSI/ SBS compliant footprint top and bottom (fits most plates on top and most liquid handlers on the bottom)
  • Contains our strongest magnets for larger volume separations or faster small separations
  • Integrated cushion base to help compensate for robot and labware inconsistences 
  • Solid aluminum design for consistent results
  • Made in the USA 


This magnet was designed to be compatible with almost any available microplate on the market and any Liquid Handling Robot

Application Note: If you purchase the kit, the top plate (that holds the PCR tubes) is simply lifted off the magnet plate, it is not attached.
Kit shown for 0.2 mL PCR tubes

How The Magnet Technology Works

For low elution applications the beads are collected at the smaller inner magnet from Full-, Semi-, and Non-skirted PCR plates or from 0.2 mL PCR tubes and strips (with available kit) down to 5 µL. The larger outer magnet collects beads for all other assays up to 2 mL from deep well microplates

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