Innovative Magnet Plates

Magnetic separation plates for a wide range of applications. Permagen carries 96-Well magnets for low elution to deep well separations and everything in between, 384-well plates for high throughput, and 24-well format plates. We carry plates with or without spring cushion bases all with automation in mind with an SBS/SLAS footprint

15 ml 50 mL Centrifuge Tube Separation Stand

High Performance Separation Racks

Permagen offers a large selection of magnetic racks for Centrifuge tubes (5 mL, 15 mL, 50 mL), Microcentrifuge Tubes, and 0.2 mL Tubes and Strips

Temperature Control

Keep your samples at a controlled temperature with Permagen’s solid aluminum temperature control blocks for 0.2 mL PCR tubes, Microcentrifuge tubes, and screw Cap Vials in several different formats. All automation friendly with a standard SBS/SLAS footprint 

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