Permagen Labware

96-Well Universal Ring Magnet Plate

96-Well Multi Use Magnet Plate

Designed for automated or manual magnetic bead separation. Our most adaptable ring magnet plate, it will accommodate almost any PCR or microplate including flat bottom. Available in three volume sizes U380 for up to 350 µL, U480 for volumes up to 1 mL, and U500 for volumes up to 2 mL   

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Strong NdFeB Magnets

Super strong Neodymium ring magnets collect beads into about a 4 mm ring near bottom of each well

Solid Design

Manufactured from solid aluminum and hard coat anodized for years of trouble free use

High Value

High value to Permagen means you will receive a product that meets or exceeds industry standards at a reasonable price

Fast Separation

Permagen uses the strongest magnets possible for each application


Compatible with U-bottom, V-bottom, and PCR plates with any magnetic beads

Made In USA

Proudly Manufactured here in the USA

SKU: U500 / U480 / U380

Price: $605.00 - $748.00 USD

Separates Magnetic Beads Into Rings

Compatible with PCR  v-bottom  u- bottom  flat bottom  microplates

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