Permagen Labware

1.5 - 2.0 mL Microcentrifuge Tube Chiller Block

24 Tube Chiller Block for 1.5 mL Microcentrifuge Tubes

Designed specifically for keeping 1.5 mL – 2.0 mL microcentrifuge tubes Chilled or heated to desired temperatures. Can be used manually or on a standard 24 well pattern (18 MM Spacing) on liquid handling robots 

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Solid Aluminum

Keep your samples at a consistent temperature on ice or by freezing

Solid Design

Manufactured from solid aluminum and hard coat anodized for years of trouble free use

High Value

High value to Permagen means you will receive a product that meets or exceeds industry standards at a reasonable price


Compatible with standard 1.5 mL and 2.0 mL Microcentrifuge tubes. Standard SBS/SLAS footprint for automation

Made In USA

Proudly Manufactured here in the USA

SKU: CB024

Price: $269.50

SBS compliant 24-tube Microcentrifuge

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